PASS (Parents Assisting Students and Staff) comprises parents of students who want to play an active role in supporting the school's mission and vision in a voluntary capacity. The PASS Committee, representing the major linguistic blocks of our school, is appointed by the Headmaster, and will hold regular meetings as determined by committee members. PASS members are encouraged to submit ideas and suggestions to the committee on how to provide the best opportunities to improve our school and student body.


PASS Vision

To promote communication and cooperation among parents, teachers, and students for the benefit of the student community and to foster a unified family atmosphere at HIS.


PASS Mission

To help HIS students to become responsible, holistic global citizens in their conduct, attitude, character and spirituality, and to empower staff to fulfill their calling and duties.



  1. actively seeks to provide support services and development opportunities for teachers and students
  2. actively seeks to support HIS staff be more effective in the mission of educating and serving HIS students
  3. does not direct the administrative work of the school and is never the final authority over any of its in-school or out-of-school operations


If you are interested in finding out more and exploring how you can be part of this vital force, please send us an email and we will connect you with the PASS committee.