Desired Student Learning Outcomes

Our Desired Student Learning Outcomes (DSLOs) are foundational to what we want to see in our students. We expect our students to gain knowledge and understand how they learn and have the skills and character qualities embedded in the DSLOs.


Communicate effectively with confidence

Orally, in writing, with technology and other digital tools, by listening actively, by learning the host language, and through using the creative arts. 

Honor & respect

Laws of the land, school regulations, peers and spiritual leaders, cultures other than our own, our ownselves

Responsible global stewards

who take care of others in the community and in the school, who take care of their own health, who are willing to learn to serve, who are willing to admit error and be corrected, who are willing to correct their own behavior, and who are culturally sensitive            
Independent learners

who stand for truth, wtake initiative, develop their own gifts and potential, are reflective, are self-assessing, demonstrate integrity who understand biblical teaching as a way of life worthy of acceptance

Strive for excellence 

by developing mature relationships, working hard and persevering, being well-rounded academically, practicing diligently and cooperating in teams, developing leadership

Think at a higher level

Creatively, critically, independently and analytically.