Admissions Procedures

If HIS is a place you would like for your child to grow in, we are more than happy to meet and further explore with you. This is also an opportunity for you to find out more about the school and what we stand for. We want to support you in the decision of enrolling your child in our school.


Make an appointment (via email or phone call) with our Admissions department and we will schedule an onsite tour of our campus. The relevant forms are available on our website (or at the office when you visit us). The admissions process will not start until all relevant forms are submitted. The process involves testing for language levels as well as other grade related subjects.


Student grade level placement will depend on the student's chronological age, academic evaluations/assessments/recommendations, and on the records from the school(s) he/she previously attended. Other factors such as social development and academic abilities would be taken into account before the final decision to place a student in the most appropriate grade level. The Admissions department works very closely with the Business office, which will advise potential families of the payment schedule in the process. The school reserves the right to make the final decision on student placement.