Academics and Programs

HIS (Elementary and Secondary) uses a U.S. curriculum based on modified Common Core standards. Our teachers come from 11 different countries and bring with them a wealth of experience - academically and culturally. All classes, except foreign language classes, are taught in English. For students (Grades 1 to 9) who need extra help in their English, we have an English Plus program specially designed to equip them with the necessary language skills to function in the classroom.


High School students must complete 26 credits (21 compulsory plus 5 elective) in order to earn a high school diploma at HIS. Compulsory courses include English, Science, Philosophy, Math, Arts, PE, Social Studies and Foreign Languages. Transfer students should verify their credits transferred with the Admissions Office.


Sports play an integral and significant aspect in the development of the whole person. Not only does it help develop the physical strength and endurance in the students, it is also a conduit through which we impart the necessity for integrity, discipline and what it takes to work as a team. To that end, HIS is part of two different sports leagues in Beijing which provides our students with opportunities to play competitively against other schools in the city.


Make an appointment or an enquiry with our Admissions Team for more details.